3 Best Cable TV Providers in Jacksonville, FL

As the most populated city in Florida, Jacksonville residents have lots of choices when it comes time to select a cable TV provider. So much choice can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve researched the many different options and narrowed them down to the best three. They are:

#1 AT&T

Interesting, what sets AT&T apart is that customers also have the choice of going with a service that is not traditionally thought of as part of AT&T: DirecTV. The telecommunication giant bought the satellite service a few years back and is helping it grow. If you want this, and things like NFL Sunday Ticket, you can get a nice discount if you happen to be an AT&T wireless customer.

You can also go for a standard cable package, which includes AT&T U-Verse. Plans can get you 300 channels, or if you want to go premium, as much as 550.

You can also get home phone or internet service and increase the size of your bundle and save.

#2 Xfinity

The leading competitor to AT&T, Xfinity is an excellent option for Jacksonville residents. Its most popular package includes more than 260 channels, and you will also get access to Xfinity’s large On Demand library, which includes loads of classics and new releases.

The Xfinity app is also a nice feature that allows you to record shows from your mobile device and also stream them even when you’re not home.

#3 Dish

With basic plans that give you access to 290+ channels, Dish continues to be a great option, especially in Jacksonville. And because it uses fixed pricing, you don’t need to worry about a promotional deal ending and causing your monthly bill to unexpectedly increase.

In Jacksonville, you have lots of choices. We hope our research and reviews help make your search easier and more effective.

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