3 Best Cable TV Providers in Charlotte, NC

The Queen’s City is a growing metropolis that has a lot to offer. So whether you’re moving in or have been calling Charlotte home for a while, know that there are many cable TV providers you can choose from. But don’t get overwhelmed with so many options because we’ve identified the best three and put them on this list.

#1 AT&T

One of the most popular cable TV plans in the whole country, AT&T U-Verse can offer you up to 550 channels if you decide to go with the premium plan. If you’d prefer to save, there are other choices that will give you fewer channels but at a lower cost.

In addition, because DirecTV is now part of AT&T, you will have the choice of choosing this service, which gives you the option of signing up for specialty programming such as NFL Sunday Ticket.

Bundling with phone and internet is also very easy and can save you lots of money.

#2 Spectrum

Spectrum offers most customers 200 channels, but you can get less or more depending on your needs and budget, but perhaps most importantly, it doesn’t charge extra for high-definition.

If this ever isn’t enough, know that you can also access the Spectrum On Demand library, which includes more than 10,000 titles from both movies and TV.

Bundles are also possible and help you get a better value.

#3 Google Fiber

A newer service that is still being rolled out, Google Fiber offers you more than 150 channels. It uses a fully fiber optic network, which means the picture quality is much nicer. However, it’s still only available in limited areas, so it might not be an option for you just yet.

Clearly, in Charlotte, there are lots of great cable TV providers. Take the time to consider you reeds and then make the choice that will get you what you want.

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