3 Best Cable TV Providers in Albuquerque, NM

Built along the banks of the Rio Grande, Albuquerque is a unique city for both its natural beauty and cultural significance. Those who live there know this, but they might struggle to know which cable provider to choose. There are just so many choices! To make things easier, here’s our list of the best three.

#1 Spectrum

If high-definition programming is important to you but you can’t be bothered to spend extra money on it, then Spectrum is probably going to be the provider for you. It offers more than 200 HD channels as part of its standard service, something the competition charges for.

In addition, Spectrum has an On-Demand library that boasts more than 10,000 different titles in both movies and television, meaning there will always be something to watch.

#2 Xfinity

Xfinity is another great option for Albuquerque residents. It’s most popular plans include 260 channels, but what most people who use Xfinity like about it are the bundles that the company offers that allow you to save on both cable, TV, and phone.

One nice feature of Xfinity is its X1 voice-controlled remote, which makes it super easy to find your favorite shows and navigate the service’s menus.

#3 DirecTV

If you’re interested in sports, particularly the NFL, DirecTV is likely going to be an attractive option for you. The NFL Sunday Ticket is a special service that gives you access to all games, not just the ones available in your market.

For those who don’t care too much about sports, DirecTV still has well over 300 channels, meaning there is something for everyone.

Overall, there are some really great options to choose from in Albuquerque when it comes to cable TV providers. Spend some time considering you needs and then make a choice from one of the city’s top three.

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