3 Best Cable TV Providers in Oklahoma City, OK

An important hub in the Midwest, Oklahoma City is a wonderful place to settle down and build a life. Part of that life will include cable TV, and in OKC you have lots of different options. To help you, we’ve reviewed what’s out there and come up with this list of the top three:

#1 AT&T

We like AT&T so much because it gives you options. You can either go with its U-Verse package, which is a standard cable plan that offers you more than 500 channels. Or, you can use DirecTV, which is now a subsidiary of AT&T, which would allow you to purchase things such as NFL Sunday Ticket.

AT&T uses a primarily fiber-optic network, which means the picture quality is much higher than what you would get with other providers. In addition, there are a lot of bundles you can make when you work with AT&T. For example, you can combine internet and TV, phone and TV, wireless and TV, or some combination of everything, giving you more for less.

#2 COX

Only a major player in a few markets in the country, COX is one of the standout options in OKC largely because of its large channel line up – it has more than 250 channels on its standard plan – DVR service, which allows you to record multiple shows at the same time and watch them anywhere, and is mobile app that allows you to watch TV anywhere.

#3 Suddenlink

Relatively unknown outside of a handful of markets such as Oklahoma City, Suddenlink is a full-service telecommunication company that offers cable TV plans that give you access to up to 360 channels, many of which come in HD. It also has a DVR service and an On Demand library, making it an excellent option for all OKC residents.

As you can see, there are a lot of good choices for cable TV providers in Oklahoma City, with these three being the best of the best.

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