3 Best Cable TV Providers in Seattle, WA

A major hub on the Pacific Coast known for its rainy weather and passionate sports fans, Seattle is an exciting place to call home. For those who do, know that you have lots of options when it comes time to choose a cable provider. Here are the best three.

#1 Frontier

Frontier leads a long list of cable providers in Seattle mainly because it offers the best combination of service and price. The most popular cable package includes some 445 channels, and it costs a bit less than some of the competition.

In addition, Frontier has an extensive On Demand library and a DVR service that allows you to record your favorite shows and then watch them anywhere in the house.

#2 Xfinity

A close second to Frontier, you really can’t go wrong with Xfinity. Most packages will give you around 260 channels, many of which are in high-definition, and there are plenty of ways to add to your service to get even more entertainment.

The Xfinity On Demand library is large, and you can use its signature X1 voice-activated remote to search the catalog and find exactly what you want to watch.

Lastly, because Xfinity offers phone and internet service as well, you can build some exciting bundles and really save.

#3 Spectrum

Spectrum doesn’t charge extra for high-definition. Instead, all of its 200+ channels are available in HD as part of the standard price. Another thing to like about Spectrum is that it has more than 10,000 titles in its On Demand library, meaning you will never run out of things to watch.

There are also plenty of interesting bundles you can make with Spectrum, making it much easier to save you money.

In Seattle, you have lots of choices for nearly everything you do. And the same is true with cable TV providers. Use this list to get you started and you’ll surely find a plan that works for you.

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